Tight lines!

You can enjoy fishing at the sea, by the river and on small lakes in Pyhäjoki.

You can catch, for example, grayling, trout, perch and pike by the River Pyhäjoki. The lucky ones may even catch a migratory salmon. There are great fishing sites along the River Pyhäjoki, for example at the Kupuliskoski rapid. Pyhäjoki is also home to the traditional whitefish fishing method, skimming net fishing.

In the sea areas in front of Pyhäjoki, you are most likely to catch whitefish, pike, perch and herring, as well as Bothnian Bay vendace. Pikes can be rather huge. Or would you manage to catch a salmon – or even a burbot?!

Ice fishing

Winter fishing has its own ambiance. Pack your rod, line, baits and snacks in the backpack. Grab the ice-picks and the auger, and head to the bay to chase the whitefish and perch. Dress warmly and move safely on the ice!

Fishing spots
Fishing in Pyhäjoki -brochure

Fishing in Pyhäjoki -brochure

Fishing permits

State Fisheries Management Fee
The fisheries management fee must be paid if you are between 18 and 64 years of age and fish with a lure or a trap, or catch crayfish. With the fisheries management fee, you can fish with one lure in the public waters of the state in the sea and in stagnant waters, i.e. lakes and ponds.

Water-specific Fishing Permits
You will always need a water-specific fishing permit if you want to fish

  • in rapid and river areas designated as migratory fish waters
  • with several rods
  • with a trap.

At, you can check whether the location is marked as a migratory fish water.

Water-specific fishing permits are sold by the owners of the water areas, for example fishing clubs, and permits for the state waters are sold by Metsähallitus.

  • Water areas of Pyhäjoen Kalastajainseura: lure fishing permits for flowing waters, rapids from Vuotinperä to the Bothnian Gulf:
  • Water areas of Parhalahden Kalastajainseura
  • Water areas of Yppärin Kalastajainseura
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