Trip to the River

The river in Pyhäjoki provides an excellent canoeing and stand up paddling route in the summer. It is advisable to start the trip, for example, from the Kuusiniemi swimming site in Pirttikoski. There is also a good landing site to take off with a canoe or a SUP board at the beginning of the Saari riverbank road.

Ruukinkoski in Pyhäjoki is one of the best spots in the region to fool around for the white-water rafters. Pyhänkoski rapid that surges on the Merijärvi side offers even more challenge.

Trip to the Sea

There is plenty of water to canoe in the sea! Take a relaxed trip along the coastline or head further away. The best starting points for beginners are the beaches and the boat havens and harbour areas.

A canoeing map series by Raahen Purjehdusseura covers the coastline from Yppäri in Pyhäjoki all the way to Varjakka in Lumijoki. Lean-tos, huts and landing sites are marked on the maps. Maps are available on the yacht club website: www.raahenpurjehdusseura.com